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Hi, It's just me, Jonathan from eXp.

As a former special education teacher, I quickly realized that the diligence I applied in that field was equally important in my real estate relationships.

And you know… how a lot of people feel frustrated during a real estate transaction because they're dissatisfied with the outcome. They struggle to communicate with the parties involved, don't receive the value they hope for their property, or can't find the home that suits them. And they have to deal with complications and unexpected events that make them feel disappointed, stressed, or even angry?

Well, what I do is help people like that by offering them personalized and professional service that caters to their needs and expectations. I develop a marketing plan tailored to their situation, negotiate the best possible conditions for them in any type of market, and, most importantly, accompany them at every step of the process to ensure a seamless transaction and a pleasant experience.

If you feel that this strategy resonates with your values or that it might be what you're looking for, I'd be happy to take a moment with you to assess your situation and see if I can possibly help you out.

Looking forward to discussing with you.

Jonathan, a broker tailored to your needs!

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Emily Maddocks: We worked with Jonathan Cabana and it was a wonderful experience. We were in the process of buying our first home, which can be very stressful. Jonathan was able to calm us down, explain all the steps and even teach us how to take care of the house during the visits. We gained knowledge and experience by working alongside Jonathan. We were grateful to have him as our agent.

Emily Maddocks

Simon Bikay: Jonathan is the very definition of serving his customers perfectly. In addition to clearly explaining the procedures to you, he works hard to support you from the beginning to the conclusion of your acquisition. I highly recommend it.

Simon Bikay

I did business with Mr. Cabana for the purchase of a condo, and I am completely satisfied with his service. This is not my first real estate purchase, however it is the first time that I have had the chance to have such a friendly, professional and valiant broker. Mr. Cabana accompanied, guided and advised me throughout my search for a property. I highly recommend him because he excels in acquiring a property. This is not just a broker, it is the broker that everyone dreams of, because it is worth the price.

Katty Berteau

André St-Pierre: We used the services of Jonathan Cabana for the purchase and sale of our property. He is the most efficient and honest broker we have worked with. If all real estate agents had Jonathan's professionalism, no one would want to do without him!

André St-Pierre

Mélodie Luci: Jonathan Cabana offers exceptional service and support. He is a broker who listens to his client's needs, he demonstrates great availability and openness. His professionalism, work ethic and know-how are essential in the process of selling and/or purchasing a property.

Mélodie Luci